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Those “Plucky” Forty-Niners: The Roots of Pro Football in San Francisco

Yes, Trampers, history does repeat itself! The San Francisco Forty-Niners are at last returning to the Super Bowl, after a long, dry 18-year absence. Established in 1946, the Niners have experienced periods of greatness. Just to name a few 49er icons: Y.A. Tittle, R.C. Owens, John Brodie, Joe Montana, Freddie Solomon, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, […]

Tramping Close to Home: Adventures in Backyard Archaeology

After a brief hiatus, Tramps of San Francisco is back on track, searching for evidence of the City’s forgotten histories! After unearthing the story of the proposed Mission Park and Zoological Gardens, along with three months of weekly research and posting of new topics in what was supposed to be a leisurely hobby, it was time […]

The San Francisco Mission Zoo: Wilder Days in Glen Park (Part VI)

  Part VI: Glen Park: Prequel to the San Francisco City Beautiful Movement? Over the last five posts of The San Francisco Mission Zoo: Wilder Days in Glen Park, we have unearthed a long forgotten history. How many times have we traipsed over the trails running parallel to Islais Creek in Glen Canyon, south of Twin […]

The San Francisco Mission Zoo: Wilder Days in Glen Park (Part V)

  Part V: Start a Zoo, Sell Home Lots: Good Idea? As we saw in Part IV, the Mission Park and Zoo of Glen Park was wildly successful. Thousands of people chose this destination as their Sunday excursion, venturing to what was known as the Outside Lands to witness spectacular and sensational performances (some of which defied […]

The San Francisco Mission Zoo: Wilder Days in Glen Park (Part IV)

Part IV: Dashing! Daring! Death-Defying! Relaxing at the Mission Zoo The brightness of its attractions is what has caused Glen Park to become such a popular resort. There is always something startling and novel to be seen there and the sunshine that floods the park adds to the pleasure. We are sometimes reminded that the passage of time can […]

The San Francisco Mission Zoo: Wilder Days in Glen Park (Part III)

Part III – Glen Park Rocks! Glen Park is a place of tall trees, benches placed in cool retreats, soda water counters and counters for the serving of other cooling beverages, and all the fixtures to be found at well-regulated pleasure retreats. To visit the little village of Glen Park today, located in the heart […]

The San Francisco Mission Zoo: Wilder Days in Glen Park (Part II)

Part II: Dame Nature Has Done Her Part “Next to the Klondike excitement, the subject which is creating the greatest local interest is that of a Mission Park.” Those who knew and loved the Gum Tree Grove in the area of today’s Glen Canyon claimed, “Dame Nature Has Done Her Part.” The tract was treasured […]

The San Francisco Mission Zoo: Wilder Days in Glen Park (Part I)

Part I: Fisticuffs Over a Monkey Ranch Picture yourself in San Francisco in the waning years of the Gay Nineties. It’s a pleasant Sunday morning and over the breakfast table, while sipping a cup of freshly brewed Golden Gate Coffee, you hear the question, “My dear, whatever shall we do today?” Before the days of indoor […]

Weekend Logjam: Picnics and Excursions Beyond San Francisco

Day-tripping and weekend trekking are favorite pastimes of San Franciscans. As Friday draws near, many of us consider our options for getting the heck out of town, whether it be a tramp on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, wine tasting in Napa or Sonoma counties, or adventure in the Gold Country or Sierra Nevada Mountains. But, oh the […]