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Defining San Francisco: How Our City Became a City (Part III)

Part III: A Consolidated Effort  Exploring the origins of the boundaries of our City as they hemmed and hawed over the last 165 odd-years has been quite an unexpected expedition (see Part I and Part II of Defining San Francisco). Novelesque, convoluted, and a much longer row to hoe than we had ever imagined, our hobnailed […]

Defining San Francisco: How Our City Became a City (Part II)

Part II: The Golden Era of San Francisco In Part 1 of Defining San Francisco: How Our City Became a City, we saw how entrepreneurial spirit and a forward-looking vision transformed the tiny hamlet of Yerba Buena into the growing Town of San Francisco. In a daydreaming exercise, it was possible to imagine the sleepy […]

Defining San Francisco: When Our City Became a City (Part I)

Part I: Lots Under Water are the Most Valuable Property in Town On any morning, take a tramp along Montgomery Street in the Financial District. Make your way up Second Street toward Folsom and Harrison to what remains of Rincon Hill. Along the way, take a moment … listen. Can you hear them? The residual […]

Richard Chenery: Forgotten Gold Rush Pioneer

If you’ve ever ventured to the village of Glen Park in San Francisco to experience a fine dining establishment, or ambled your way to Nature’s respite in Glen Canyon, you’ve likely crossed paths with Chenery Street. Beginning near 30th and Church, Chenery Street runs the length of Glen Park. It follows a U-shaped route along […]

Who the Heck was Halleck?

When Doyle Drive was demolished to enable construction of the new Presidio Parkway, we lost an easy egress to Crissy Field. In its absence, we may be more aware now of the street’s name: Halleck Street. We have two Halleck Streets in San Francisco, one in the Presidio and the other between Front and Leidesdorff in […]